Welcome to the Valor Christian College Library

The Mission of the Valor Christian College Library is to provide the VCC academic community with essential resources through writing consultants and the staff librarian.  The library contains 35 bookcases of materials, classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System.

How to Connect with the Librarian

The librarian is available between 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. You also can email the librarian at If you wish to connect with the Librarian during staff hours you can do so by calling 614.837.4088 (ext. 490).  The librarian, as well as the library staff, are here to assist you with your research needs.

Tell Me More About the Library...What are students saying about the library?
  • 66% of students who utilize the library are online students.
  • 47% of students reported that they used the Digital Resources.
  • 40% of students reported that they used both digital and print resources.
  • 74% of students agreed that they were able to find information for their research assignments.
  • 63% of students agreed that GALE databases were helpful in their research.
  • 53% of students agreed that GALE eBooks were used in their research.
  • 47% of students received research assistance from library staff.
  • 69% of students agreed that the library provides reference resources.  
How Can We Support YOU?

Sections of the Library

Audio/Video: These are materials in non-print format.  They include films, slides, audiotapes and software.

Bender Collection: This collection is dedicated to the late Elder Thomas G. Bender, a WHC elder and Dean of Students at Valor until his death in 2011.  These materials do not circulate so they cannot be checked out.  If you wish to use material in this collection please connect with the librarian.  

Music: This includes CDs and music files.

Periodicals: These are contributions written for publication in a journal, magazine, or newspaper. 

Bibles: These are available for student use.  

Reference: All of the materials in this section have an "R" on the label.  These materials do not circulate, they must only be used within the library.  Materials in this section include dictionaries, Bibles, encyclopedias and concordances. 

Textbooks: Textbooks are available for most of the courses.  Students may sign these out for use but they must remain in the library.  Textbooks may not circulate.  

Stacks: Most materials in the library are in this collection.  These items may circulate.  Most of the items that students check out of the library come from this section.  

Auto-Biography/Biography: This consists of books written about a person's life.  These items can be checked out.

Fiction: This section includes novels and short stories.  

Oversize Books: This section contains books that are too big for a normal shelf.  The librarian can assist with these requests.  

Valor Christian College Founder

Here at the Valor Christian College library, we take pride in stocking multiple copies of the books that Pastor Rod Parsley and his wife Joni Parsley have written. You can find copies of these books on the bookshelves, as well as on special displays in the library. We strongly encourage you to take time to read them.

Here on the library website, we will be featuring one of Pastor or Joni’s books periodically. Here is the currently featured book:


Today’s Church is torn in their understanding of God’s grace. Some churches measure holiness by the length of hems, cuffs, and other man-made regulations. Other churches use God’s grace as a license to disregard the Bible’s teachings on holy living and, consequently, live a life of rebellion. Neither extreme is biblical.

It’s true that Christians are freed from the rule of the law. Yet it is also true that the law is a revelation of God’s will. How can we lead godly lives and also avoid turning moral absolutes into a legalistic system for salvation? In Grace, Dr. Rod Parsley uncovers the tension surrounding conversations about grace so that you can:
  1. Gain biblical foundation of God’s true intention for law and grace
  2. Live more powerfully by avoiding destructive extremes
  3. Adopt principles for Christian living that come from Scripture and the work of the Holy Spirit in your heart
  4. Understand moments in church history when these issues threatened to destroy faith, formed new doctrines and denominations, and more
We aren’t trying to win a debate. We aren’t talking about what we are free to do and what we are free not to do. We are all undeserving. Uncovering the truth about grace means preparing yourself for the presence of God around you. Learn how to govern your ways so the glory of God may reside within you.

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